Vintage country honey

Lisa Ertl

Lisa Ertl’s country honey comes from her 4 bee colonies in the Lower Lusatia, a deserted, sandy, barren landscape amidst pine forests. The agricultural land within the flight radius of the bees is not cultivated with foliage plants. Therefore the bees mainly fly to the wildflowers and trees of the surrounding areas.

This clear honey has a delicate floral fruity aroma. Due to the high amount of black locust tree there is none to very little crystallisation which keeps the honey super smooth. It is usually harvested by Lisa directly after the extraction of honey by the end of June.

Lisa regards honey as a sensually perceptible aggregate of the bees’ situation and their environmental conditions. Against the backdrop of large-scale climatic changes in the Anthropocene, she came up with the idea compare honeys from a specific site across several years. Can we detect a difference between honeys from dry or humid, hot or cool years? Can a persistently high alert for forest fires be tasted? The 2020 and 2021 vintage are the first steps towards Lisa’s grand vision. 

Or you go directly for a tasting set from 2020 and 2021 vintage to try at home!

290g jar


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Lisa Ertl
Lisa Ertl has been a beekeeper since 2015. She started very small and modestly with a single colony. Year after year, she has dived deeper into the "black box beehive" - and in the meantime, she has fallen under the spell of the bees' extraordinary achievements. Lisa is currently in charge of 6 bee colonies, which she keeps in a small village on the edge of the nature reserve Reicherskreuzer Heide and Schwansee. An organizational consultant in her day job, Lisa is fascinated by the structures, internal entanglements and mutability of social systems. She is particularly interested in what we as a human society can learn from the principles of nature, e.g. with regard to collaboration, leadership, self-organization and mechanisms of decision-making. More information here: