Vintage sardines “Ville bleue” 2018

Conserverie Gonidec

These sardines were caught off Concarneau in 2017 and preserved in premium olive oil. Concarneau is also known as “Ville Bleue” (Blue City) because the old town is surrounded by water. The illustration of this beautiful collector’s tin is by Breton artist Bernard Morinay. This is a limited edition – only while stocks last!

115g can


(€73.91 per 1kg)

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Like good wine, sardines mature over time and get better the longer they are stored. That’s why the vintage of the catch is noted on many cans. The sardine tastes best when the oil has penetrated it well from all sides, so you’ll want to make sure to turn the can every six months and wait at least a year before you finally crack it open. Be prepared to taste the difference: more mature sardines are packed full of flavour and will literally melt in your mouth. Younger sardines simply have more bite, the meat is still much firmer and has not yet absorbed as much oil.

Conserverie Gonidec
Conserverie Gonidec is a family business founded back in 1959, managed today by Jacques and Valérie Gonidec. “Les Mouettes d’Arvor” is their premium brand. Gonidec is the only company in Concarneau that still produces its canned fish in the traditional way. Their fish (sardines, mackerel, tuna, anchovies) is caught off the coast of Brittany, carefully selected, transported overnight to the factory and immediately processed – cleaned by hand, sorted by size, then fried in oil and manually placed in the cans. This traditional method of production preserves the catch’s incredible flavour and firm flesh. Thanks to their exquisite combination of quality, taste and tradition, "Les Mouettes d'Arvor" have been sought after for over 50 years. Every year, collectors all over the world look forward to Gonidec’s vintage sardine tins with their unique designs.