Von Ribbeck

Becketts Kopf

Based loosely on Fontane, with Frau Dr. Katharina Zott’s Williams pear brandy that opens in the mouth like a captive balloon. Becketts Kopf marry it off to a rye bread’s wood flavours – that of Rüdiger Sasse’s rye whisky. Sasse is a legendary distiller of traditional german Korn, whose family have owned their fine distillery in Münster for 300 years. The verjuice from the vineyard Klosterhof from Töplitz, that has bequeathed its acidity to several Nobelhart dishes, likewise ensures this drink’s briskness.

100ml bottle


(€180.00 per 1L)


  1. Place bottle in the freezer for 45 – 120 minutes
  2. Shake before pouring in a
  3. Tumbler / Wineglas
  4. No ice cubes
  5. if desired: close eyes while drinking

Becketts Kopf
Becketts Kopf, our favourite bar in Prenzlauer Berg, was opened in 2004 by Cristina Neves and her husband Oliver Ebert. Tucked away from prying eyes and nosy tourists, Becketts Kopf is everything a bar should be – dark, cosy, and incredibly serious about their drinks. It’s no wonder they’ve won each and every bar award under the sun, using only artisanally-made, small-batch spirits from manufacturers they personally know. Their focus is on classic cocktails: short, elegant and packing a punch.