Vulva shaped soap – pink


Things are still quite bleak for the vulva-having population. Unreasonable beauty standards, body shaming and the idea that vulvas are fundamentally dirty still permeate public discourse even today. With that in mind, here is our next contribution towards normalisation and de-tabooisation; another plea for diversity. This time, it comes in the form of a wonderfully caring, 100% plant-based soap in the shape of a vulva – or, in fact, several vulvas, so as to showcase the beauty and diversity of each different one. 

Each individual variant has its own recipe and is handmade by Lejlac, from the making of the molds to the actual boiling of the soap. Their diversity notwithstanding, all soaps do have something in common: they are extra rich, making them a terrific skin care product. 

Use the pink soap on your hands and body. It’s great for dry skin thanks to rich shea butter.

The fragrance is called “Idea of Roses”. 

1 soap bar


Behind Lejlac is LekRek, an artist whose background is performance and video. In 2013/2014 she spent a year in Lebanon as part of her arts degree. It was there that she discovered the wonderfully rich, natural Aleppo soap as an all-round solution to her body care. A positive side effect? No more plastic bottles, such as for shower gel or shampoo. Following her graduation, LekRek was keen to bring a positive object into the world. During a kitchen table discussion with friends about the book “Vulva” by Mithu Sanyal, LekRek came up with her winning idea: why not contribute to the destigmatisation of the vulva by creating vulva sculptures from soap? In three years of research and development, LekRek learnt the soap-making process from scratch from a professional soap boiler and founded Lejlac as her unique soap brand. All of Lejlac’s soaps are made from purely plant-based and certified organic ingredients; in addition, as part of their business, LekRek makes it a point to pay everyone involved fairly.