War But Art magazine


The first issue titled “War but Art” is meant to be a platform for the self-expression of a young generation of creatives in Kyiv. It shows some of what has already been lost but even more of what needs to be defended. The publication contains photographs, collages, texts and illustrations and features works by already well-known Ukrainian artists Sasha Kurmaz and Mykola Ridny as well as upcoming talents. It is less a reporting-on-artists publication rather than a mobile group exhibition in the form of a magazine. 

31cm x 24 cm upright format

1 magazine


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We are deeply concerned about the difficult situation that our neighbors in the Ukraine have to undergo since the invasion of the Russian army. We therefore use our platform to support projects like soлomiya and give them a voice. Back in April, for example, we’ve teamed up with Mirali and several other German restaurants. We organised a very special charity dinner and had Mirali Dilbazi cook in our Nobelhart & Schmutzig kitchen for one night.

soлomiya is an independent magazine founded in April 2022 by Berlin-based OSTKREUZ-photographer Sebastian Wells and Kyiv-based photographer Vsevolod Kazarin in response to the Russian war against Ukraine and aims to explore and expose the young cultural and artistic scene in Ukraine, promoting it in both Ukrainian and European cities.  soлomiya is published in English and has been realized with the support of Akademie der Künste, Berlin and was designed by Kollektiv Scrollan.