Wine cooler set

David Schiesser

When it comes to joyful outings and licentious evenings, there is very little that’s more unsexy than showing up with a lukewarm bottle of something that should be cool and crisp. Well, here’s the solution that will get any such drink down to drinking temperature in just about the amount of time it takes you to get from Neukölln to Wedding. And, with David Schiesser’s evocative illustrations, it’s bound to look great on any dining table. (Or by any bedside or on the edge of whichever hot tub you might find yourself in.) 

Needless to say, we didn’t just go with any run-of-the-mill cooler for this very special collaboration. No, you’re getting a Le Creuset original which we Nobelharts ourselves use at home. 

We highly suggest you get yourself all three designs. Not just because we’re looking to fill our pockets, but because it’s in your own best interest. Two coolers stacked on top of each other will even keep a magnum bottle cool. But honestly, why would you even turn up at a party with less than three bottles?! Take it from Billy: there is no better protection against the host’s potentially abysmal taste than bringing your own wine. 

Size of one wine cooler:
length 23,5 cm, width 15,4 cm, height 3 cm

3 wine cooler


(€35.00 per 1pc)

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Make sure your wine coolers are ready for use at a moment’s notice by storing it in your freezer at home. Just slip it on the bottles once you need them and you’ll be good to go in less than 20 minutes.

David Schiesser
David Schiessers's work is characterised by very economical, almost sparse line drawings, which he tends to jot down on paper quickly and in rather large quantities before then transforming them from flat drawings into three-dimensional artscapes. Thematically, David’s work is composed of holistic images which fuse and unite flore, fauna, the human body and technology. He often draws inspiration from mundane-seeming environments, but above all, from his own inner world of self-created imagery, where meaning and logic exist untouched by the outside world.  Hailing from the Taunus region near Frankfurt, David studied drawing in Offenbach. Our collaboration with him came about in part through Malte Zenses, who exhibited two of his works in the windows of our eatery in 2021-22. David lives and works in Berlin.