Woodruff syrup


Intense syrup made from young woodruff tips collected in the Schorfheide. The syrup is prepared with a little white wine vinegar, not only to improve the taste, but also to reduce the sugar content without affecting the shelf life. You’ll be amazed to find that this syrup isn’t neon green!


200ml bottle


(€40.00 per 1L)


The woodruff syrup goes particularly well with strawberries and rhubarb. It is also wonderfully suitable to prepare your own kombucha, but belongs just as much in the Berliner Weisse, spritzers and cocktails. Pimps quite wonderfully the bad Rotkäppchen, which someone has brought to the afterhour. In the kitchen, you can use the syrup to poach fruit or flavor vinaigrettes. Or you can whip up a delicious parfait with the syrup. Season one glass of yogurt with the woodruff syrup to taste. Whip 250 ml of cream and carefully fold it into the yogurt mixture, put it in the freezer and after 3-4 hours you will have a delicious parfait.


Recipes for our wild juniper oil

Chef Vadim Otto Ursus and his restaurant Otto are firmly rooted in Berlin and Brandenburg. The restaurant’s kitchen on Prenzlauer Berg’s Oderbergerstraße and a repurposed dacha in Brandenburg’s Schorfheide serve as laboratories and experimentation spaces for Vadim’s culinary endeavours. Using mostly self-grown or foraged produce and strictly regional produce, Vadim and his team ferment, marinate, pickle, and preserve, merging tradition and innovation in all-local seasonal cuisine.