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Mrs Robinsons XO sprung from the idea of imitating the famous Hong Kong sauce using ingredients from Brandenburg & the surrounding areas. They use crustaceans & eel from Tiergarten & Havelsee and dry chillis from Grete Peschken and Olaf Schnelle over the summer to use throughout the year. The deep umami flavour is enhanced with off-cuts from Mrs Robinson’s homemade charcuterie (Erdhof Seewalde pigs) and the best freshly pressed rapeseed oil. Whipped together with butter churned by Backenholz Creamery, this makes for a spreadable umami delight!

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Delicious on hot toast with a poached or boiled egg, on crumpets or fresh waffles. Or put some sweet potatoes in the oven, add salt and a dollop of XO butter. Also great with roasted veggies, on top of grilled fish, seafood or with steak. Cooking scallops or whole prawns in it also works a charm. Here’s a really simple, can’t-go-wrong recipe: cook up some gnocchi, then make a sauce au beurre by melting XO butter in a saucepan, adding a little of the cooking water and then tossing the gnocchi through the buttery goodness. A few leaves on top are all you need. 

Also, toss it through freshly popped popcorn!!!

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Mrs Robinson's
Mrs Robinson's is a self-described flavor-driven, produce-focused casual dining spot in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg. Their aim is to create unique foods from scratch, using only excellent produce while reducing waste, developing their craftsmanship and pushing flavor boundaries. Cultivating close, personal relationships with producers and artisans in Brandenburg and beyond, Mrs Robinsons use locally-sourced ingredients to create deep umami and spicy complex favours as part of a novel approach to local food.