XO sauce


Made from dried scallops, dried shrimp, red shallots, garlic and chili, UUU’s homemade XO sauce packs a delightfully spicy umami punch. In Hong Kong – the home of XO sauce – every self-respecting restaurant offers their own take on the popular condiment. The XO in its name doesn’t just stand for aged cognac, but refers to everything that is noble and expensive. Well, take it from your trusted advisors at Nobelhart: XO sauce really is a good investment and just a teaspoon is enough to transform a simple bowl of rice into a delicious meal.

100ml jar


(€160.00 € per 1L)


Use a spoon as a topping or flavor enhancer for a pot of freshly cooked, fragrant rice. Alternatively, fry up some rice and/or vegetables and season with XO sauce at the end. Likewise, pan fried prawns turn into a winning dinner with a good dollop of XO.


XO Sauce / Scallion flatbread
by Sissi Chen
 UUU is all about rediscovering Chinese food. Chef Yuhang Wu trained with Tim Raue, worked in Wolfsburg’s three-star “Aqua” as well as the dessert restaurant Coda in Berlin. In September 2020, she opened UUU together with Jonas Borchers in Wedding as an eatery entirely dedicated to the diversity and tradition of Chinese cuisine. With finely honed craftsmanship and the best ingredients, the two bring a new take on Chinese cuisine to the capital – sourcing many of their products from Berlin’s surrounding areas.