Yuzu & Lemon jam


During the winter months, Barra likes to liven up the menu with citrus fruits from the south of France. Perrine & Etienne grow over 1000 varieties of citrus in their orchards at the foot of Mount Canigou in the Pyrenees. In January, the Barra stocked up on Yuzu & Meyer lemons, turning them into a delicious jam that delivers sun-soaked citrus not during the cold season.

150ml Glas


(€70.00 per 1L)


Enjoy with a cheese platter, add a good dollop to your morning yogurt with a little granola, have it simply on hot buttered toast or stir it into freshly made ice cream. 

Also goes wonderfully with fried fish or a piece of properly fatty pork.


Barra is a produce driven, seasonal restaurant located in the Schillerkiez, Neukölln. The small plates appear uncomplicated, but are executed with great attention to the finer details. The wine list is composed of a modest selection of low intervention wines from small scale producers.